Adding Additional Locks

Adding Additional locks

  • On the AirLocking portal, go to “Hubs”.
  • Under “Register additional HUB”, input the Device ID printed on the top of your Hub and click Submit.
  • You can also update the names of your locks and click “Save”.

    Adding Additional Listings

    If you have multiple locks and listings, then you need to configure which locks are tied to which listings.

    • On the AirLocking portal, go to “Listings”
    • Click “Add Listing”
    • Click “Edit” on the listing you wish to update.
    • At the bottom of the page, you will see a list of your locks.
    • Check the boxes of the locks that you want to be associated with the selected listing. These settings will be applied to newly activated codes going forward.

    To test your lock, it is recommended to create an “Other Code” for it before enabling the automation.
    In Other Codes, you will now see a drop-down to choose for which listing to create a code: