Care Reference

Yale Real Living Push Button Deadbolt Manual


Reset Direction

1. Locate the reset button (see image below) which is located above the PCB cable connector on the interior escutcheon.

2. Hold down the reset button for a minimum of 3 seconds and then install the batteries. Once the batteries are properly installed, release the reset button.

3. Set the Master PIN by entering the following:

# 1 # MASTERPIN # #”

Note: The MASTERPIN can be any 4 to 8-digit code that you want.

Automatic Relock

If you want your lock to automatically re-lock, you can enable automatic relock by inputting the following on your lock:

  • 3 #
  • 1 #

Programming Codes

You can still program codes directly into the lock. This is useful if you want to set specific codes for your own use and not use a randomly generated code.

To add a code, on the lock, input the following:

  • 2 #
  • 1 #
  • Enter a value between 1 and 99 followed by # (This is the position in the lock’s memory to add the code).
  • Enter 4-8 digit code #

To delete a code, on the lock, input the following:

  • 2 #
  • 3 #
  • Enter a value between 1 and 99 followed by # (This is the position in the lock’s memory to delete the code from).

Pairing Lock

  • On the AirLocking portal, go to “Hubs and Locks”.
  • Click “Add Lock”.
  • After a few minutes, the Hub will go into pairing mode. On the portal, you will see the message shown below and the light on your Hub will flash green.

  • On your lock, enter #, MASTER PIN, # 7, # 1 #
  • The lock will play a melodic sound to indicate that the pairing worked. On the portal, after a few minutes, you will see a message saying pairing was successful too.

Multiple Locks and Listing

If you have multiple locks and listings, then you need to configure which locks are tied to which listings.

  • On the AirLocking portal, go to “Listing Settings”
  • Click “Edit” on the listing you wish to update.
  • At the bottoom of the page, you will see a list of your locks.

  • Check the boxes of the locks that you want to be associated with the selected listing. These settings will be applied to newly activated codes going forward.
  • Proceed with configuring your other listings using the same steps.

Menu Options

Delete Hub Off of SmartThings

  • Go to
  • Click login
  • Input your email and click Next
  • Input your password and click “Sign In”
  • Click on “My Locations”
  • Click on “My Home”
  • Click on “Delete”
  • Hover the mouse cursor over “Welcome back” and click “Logout”.

Yale Support

Phone: 1-800-810-9473
Hours: 8 am to 7 pm (EST) – Monday to Friday

Hub Light Colors

  • Blue (blinking) – No Internet connection
  • Blue (solid) – Attempting to connect
  • Magenta (blinking) – Downloading firmware update
  • Magenta (blinking) – Downloading firmware update
  • Magenta (solid) – Applying firmware update
  • Red (blinking) – Hub is having power issues

Turn Off Sound

  • 4 #
  • 3 #

This is a video showing this as well (with a slightly different version of the lock):

Reset Hub

  • 1. Make sure the Hub is plugged in with the included power and network cables. The light on the front needs to be green.
  • 2. Press and hold the red recessed button on the back of the Hub for 30 seconds. When the LED on the front switches from flashing yellow to solid yellow, release the button
  • Note: If you do not release the button within a few seconds after the LED switches to solid yellow, the Hub may not begin the reset