Checkout Button (Patent-Pending)

Checkout Button (Patent-Pending)

There are many activities (cleaning, replenishing, maintenance, etc.) which need to be performed after guests’s checkout. In most cases, hosts wait for the designated checkout time and have a small window to complete these tasks before their next check-in. However, often Guests will leave hours before the checkout time.

It is inconvenient for guests to message their hosts that they are departing while they are juggling luggage and travel plans. For Guests to consistently communicate their departure, it needs to be very easy for them.

To solve this, Aurmur has invented the Checkout Button. A physical button is placed by the exit that Guests simply need to press on their way out.

Our tests have shown this works well for both Guests and Hosts.

Aurmur is now including a checkout button with all of our product sales.