Converting Electronic Locks into Smart Locks

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Converting Electronic Locks into Smart Locks

Have a electronic lock that you want to convert into a smart lock to use with Airbnb?

This can be done by adding a Zwave Relay and Keypad to Electronic Lock. These are some examples of lock systems that can be enhanced in this way:



Zwave Relay

Follow the instructions provided with the Zwave Relay to install into your electronic lock’s system.


Register on Aurmur. Aurmur will treat the Keypad the same as a smart lock. It will integrate with Airbnb and manage codes for your guests.

Follow the setup instructions provided in the online Aurmur registration instructions to register for a SmartThings account and connect your hub.
Pair the Keypad and ZWave Relay with your hub. Then, share your SmartThings location with Aurmur .

Back in the SmartThings App, in the Automation menu, create a condition that if the Keypad is locked turn on your Zwave Relay. If the Keypad is unlocked, turn off your Zwave Relay.


The normal locks we use hold the code in memory so continue to work even if there is no power or internet. This system is reliant on both internet and power though.

For this reason, we recommend having a backup lockbox or other way of providing guests access.