Future of “Smart Automation” for Short-term Rentals

Future of “Smart Automation” for Short-term Rentals


John and Sue are looking forward to getting away to Miami for a weekend getaway. For their stay, they have chosen a posh guesthouse that is just a short walk from the beach. They just want to relax and take a chance to recharge from their busy lives.

The Wednesday before their trip, they get an email welcoming them. The email has pictures describing the location, arrival instructions, and a code for the lock. They also receive an app message asking them to review the email. John remarks to Sue that it looks like it will be a smooth check-in process.

John and Sue board their plane on Friday afternoon for a short flight to Miami. Meanwhile, the Smart Automation determines that it is time for their stay and turns on the air conditioning to get the guesthouse a comfortable temperature in time for their arrival.

As John and Sue disembark from the plane, John sees that he has a text message. The text message welcomes them and conveniently provides them the code for the lock again. The text message also contains a map link to the guesthouse. John clicks the link and is easily able to arrange an rideshare to take them to the guesthouse.

Upon arriving, they immediately recognize the place from the pictures sent in the email. Sue inputs the code into the lock. As the door unlocks, the Smart Automation kicks in. Lights are automatically turned on. The security system is disabled. An smart speaker device plays a welcome message which gives them an overview of the place.


John and Sue are much more relaxed, but it is time for them to head home. As they head out with their luggage, Sue hits the Checkout Button located next to the door. As they wait for the rideshare to take them back to the airport, John remarks to Sue, “Definitely a 5-star stay.”

Meanwhile the Smart Automation is working away. An app message is sent to John & Sue thanking them for the stay and asking them to write a review. The air conditioner and all the lights are turned off. A robot vacuum starts vacuuming and cleaning the floors. A text message is sent to the cleaners letting them know the guests have left and that the guesthouse is ready for cleaning. The cleaners’ code is activated. John and Sue’s code is deactivated.

When the cleaners arrive and input their lock code, an email is sent to the hosts, so they know the cleaning is underway. After the cleaners depart, the security system is re-enabled. The Smart Automation also double checks that all the lights and air conditioning are turned off.