From a Guest’s Perspective

Aurmur from a Guest’s Perspective

1. A configurable number of days before check-in, Aurmur sends an app message and welcome email to the guest.

The app message shows up the same as a message manually sent by the host.

The Aurmur email is HTML-based so includes rich text and custom images.
It contains a randomly generated code that will be used to unlock the lock. It can also be used to convey a wide-variety of other check-in information.

2. A configurable number of hours before check-in time, Aurmur sends a text message to the guest. This text helps make sure that the guest has received the code and seen the welcome email. It also makes it easy for the guest to find the code.

3. The code is activated in the lock before the guest’s check-in time. The guest just arrives and inputs the code into the lock.

4. The guest is able to smoothly and easily check-in. After their stay is over, their code is deleted from the lock.