Guesty Integration

Linking with Guesty

There is just a few easy steps to link your Guesty and Aurmur accounts.

  • Log into Guesty and go to Marketplace.
  • Find Aurmur and click on “Connect”.
  • You’ll see a page with an API Token.
  • Click on “Copy to clipboard”.
  • You’ll need to input the API Token into Aurmur.

  • Log into your Aurmur account and click on Accounts > External.
  • Click on Link Guesty Account.

  • Paste the API Token from Guesty.
  • Click Save

  • Go to Locks > Listings in Aurmur, and select the Aurmur listing you wish to tie to a Guesty listing.
  • There will be a new drop down which allows you to select a Guesty Listing.
  • Click “Save” and after a few minutes, Aurmur will start processing your Guesty listings.

Guest Communication

There are two options for guest communication:

  • #1 – Aurmur can send out guest welcome emails.
  • #2 – Emails can be skipped in Aurmur and Aumur can upload the lock codes to the Guesty Keycode field. Then, the code can be used as a field in the Guesty templates.

Option #1 Guest Welcome Emails from Aurmur

  • Aurmur will get the guests’ email address and phone number from Guesty.
  • Aurmur will use this information to send out rich emails directly to guests. The host and co-hosts are copied on these emails.

Option #2 Send lock code to Guesty

  • In the Aurmur listing settings, select to skip emails.

  • Also, select to send the communication when booked and to not have a delay for new bookings.

  • The lock code will be uploaded to Guesty in the KeyCode Guest field