There are two types of automated messages which can be configured.

A "Timed Message" is set based on the time and a date relative to the check-in or checkout date.

A "Response Message" is sent in response to activity.

Timed Messages

Arrival Instructions
With our lock service, guests are automatically sent a code along with check-in instructions through app message, text message, and email.
If just our message service is being used, check-in instructions can be sent to coordinate guests arrival.

First Day Check
Check how guests are enjoying their stay.

Checkout Instructions
Provide guests instructions on checkout procedures.

Thanks for Staying
Thank guests for staying and invite them to book again.

Response Message

New Booking
Thank guests for booking.

Expired Pre-approval
Follow up on approved inquiries that have not turned into bookings.

Unanswered Inquiry
If an inquiry is not responded to quickly, this is a way of having an initial response sent.
If the inquiry is commented on, approved, or declined, then this response will not be sent.