Multiple Locks and Listings

Multiple Locks and Listings

In additional to a wide-variety of smart locks (zwave and zigbee), Aurmur also supports multiple locks and listings.
This blog gives an example of the complex type of lock configurations that can be managed using Aurmur.

This example has 6 listings and 7 locks.
Guests receive one code which works on the locks tied to the listing they booked.

Property layout

– A large house has been converted into multiple Airbnb listings.
– Different parts of the house are listed separately and then there are composite listings which allow multiple parts of the house to be booked.
– Upstairs there are 3 private rooms. There is a Yale Commercial Grade nexTouch lock on the front door. Then, each of the 3 private rooms has a Kwikset 910 Z-Wave lock on the door.
– Downstairs is a separate unit that has a Schlage Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt lock on the front door and a Yale Real Living Deadbolt lock on the back door.
– In the backyard, there is a shed which has laundry facilities in it. It has a Schlage Zwave Home Keypad Lever lock.

This is what the 7 locks look like on the Aurmur dashboard:


Each of these listings is added in Aurmur and linked to an Airbnb listing using Airbnb’s iCalendar.
Then, for each listing, the correct locks are selected.

  • Listing #1 – A private room on the top floor
  • Listing #2 – A private room on the top floor
  • Listing #3 – A private room on the top floor
  • Listing #4 – Bottom floor
  • Listing #5 – Entire top floor
  • Listing #6 – Entire house

One this configuration is done, the Aurmur system takes care of activating and deactivating each code on the correct locks.

Guests only need to remember their one code.