The Most Hands-off Lock For Airbnb Hosts

Automatically provide guest access

Communicate with guests via Airbnb app messages, emails, and text messages

Secure with randomly generated codes

Reliable with constant lock monitoring and activation validation

Convenient with Aurmur app

Alerts & notifications of guest arrival and battery life

Separate codes for cleaner and handyman

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How It Works


Install Lock And Hub

Purchase a Smart Lock and Communication Hub supported by Aumur. Follow the straightforward instructions to install and connect the lock.


Link With Airbnb Account

Aurmur seamlessly links with your Airbnb account to track reservations. The Aurmur portal provides status information and allows you to control notifications.

Guests Receive Door Codes

Aurmur automatically app message, emails, text messages your guests door codes in advance of their trips along with other check-in information you wish to pass along. You are copied on these communications for your tracking.


Lock Updated With Codes

Aurmur enables the door code in the lock at check-in time and disables it after checkout time. Aurmur also allows you to have codes for your own use which are separate from the guest codes.


Setup Steps

Easy For Guests

Purchase a supported
smart lock & hub

Simple To Manage

Register for an
Aurmur Account


Link your Airbnb account
& Test lock codes