One Lock & Listing Setup

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One Lock & Listing Setup

This is the manual which is included with the AirLocking product sold on Amazon. It goes through the setup of the hub, installation of the lock, and registration on AirLocking:

Lock Installation

This video shows the steps to install the Yale Real Living Lock.

Hub Setup

Setting up the hub is just a matter of putting in the batteries, plugging it in, and connecting the network cable to a router.
The Hub will take some time to initialize. Once the initialization is done, the status light on the front will turn green to indicate that the hub is online.

There are batteries for power backup.
It is important the batteries are installed because without them, a power surge can cause the hub to lose it settings. Then, it will need to be reset up.
Note: Unplugging a hub or removing the batteries does not cause it to lose its settings.

Other light colors and their meaning:

Blue (blinking)No Internet connection
Blue (solid)Attempting to connect
Magenta (blinking)Downloading firmware update
Magenta (solid)Applying firmware update
Red (blinking)Hub is having power issues

Register on AirLocking

Register Hub on AirLocking

In this step, your Hub is tied to an AirLocking account using the Welcome Code which is printed on the bottom of the hub.

As part of this process, the hub is automatically assigned another ID that is used by AirLocking for troubleshooting purposes.
It will be displayed in the AirLocking portal and is not supposed to match your Welcome Code.

Pair Lock & Hub

Test a code

On the next page, the activation of the first code is done. This provides an opportunity to check that all the setup done so far is working properly.
Once the code is activated, it will show the lock event of the lock being unlocked too.

Create backup codes

Setup Airbnb and other short-term rental listings

The final step is to integrate with Airbnb and other short-term rental platforms.
This step includes setting up an email template to be used in email guest and other automation settings.