Smart Sliding Door Lock for Airbnb

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Smart Sliding Door Lock for Airbnb

For the past 6 months, we have been using a sliding door smart lock solution from Lingle Technologies with a few our of own components added.

The results have been great!


Door Setup

The first part of the setup is getting the sliding door lock working.

Lingle Technologies was very helpful in getting the sliding door lock functioning smoothly.

System Setup

Follow the setup instructions provided with the SmartThings hub to register it. Then, pair the Smart Devices that are part of the kit from Lingle Technologies. Then, pair the Iris Keypad.

Register on Aurmur. Aurmur will treat the Iris Keypad the same as a smart lock. It will integrate with Airbnb and manage codes for your guests.

Back in the SmartThings App, in the Automation menu, create a condition that if the Iris Keypad is locked, activate the Sliding Door lock. If the Iris Keypad is unlocked, deactivate the Sliding Door Lock.


The bolt which locks the sliding door can be configured to stayed locked or unlock during a power outage. For safety reasons, we configured ours to unlock during a power outage.

We were concerned about the door becoming unlocked during a power outage too though so we plugged the system into an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

The normal locks we use hold the code in memory so continue to work even if there is no power or internet. This system is reliant on both internet and power.

This is why we added in a lockbox and remote control electric switch. If the Smart system isn’t working, we can give guests a code for the lockbox and they can use the remote clicker to unlock the door.


It has been working great for our guests. We were unsure about the reliably and were concerned that our guests would find it confusing. There hasn’t been any such issues though.

The setup takes some effort, but we have had enough guests use this sliding door lock smoothly that we felt it was time to recommend it to our customers.